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Has the web lost its way? Aug 26, 2014

It’s hard now to imagine life without the Internet – but is it turning into something its founders no longer recognise? And is that necessarily a bad thing, if not actually inevitable?

Quick and dirty user testing… Aug 23, 2014

Just because you don’t have access to a fully-featured UX lab (or the money to buy in people that do) doesn’t mean you can’t find innovative ways to get an insight into what your users or potential users are thinking.

Online Information 2010: a small-business perspective Dec 7, 2010

As every information professional who hasn’t just given up on this frigid winter season and gone into hibernation with a tin of Roses and a bottle of sloe gin will tell you, London has just played host to one of the biggest meet-ups in the industry – Online Information 2010. We went along – and this is what we did there.

Crowdsourcing a wardrobe emergency via Twitter Mar 17, 2010

Among the many celebrities and public figures who operate Twitter accounts, the entrepreneur and TV personality Duncan Bannatyne stands out for having rolled his sleeves up and really engaged with the purpose of the service.

Our tips for social media success Sep 1, 2009

Social media is a puzzling subject for many – but also an increasingly effective way to meet new people and build relationships to find customers, collaborators and advocates for your organisation.