CILIP NPD12: Spreading the word about what we do

By Onlineability,

Onlineability director Lisa Hutchins has been spreading the word to new professionals about working in information architecture, web development and website management.

Every year the Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), which is the professional body for library and information workers, organises a day for those in their first five years in the profession.

This New Professionals’ Day (#cilipnpd12 on Twitter) is always heavily oversubscribed and very popular.

This year Lisa teamed up with CILIP website manager Richard Hawkins to talk about the kinds of jobs available to information professionals keen to work with the web and social media, and to discuss the way such work is organised.

This can include being a contractor, a freelance or setting up your own company, just as we did with Onlineability!

The workshop also covered the kinds of work we do and what we don’t do, important concepts such as accessibility, usability and user-centred design, the kind of job titles to look for and what skills candidates need.

We also explored the parallels between working in a library and managing a website – and concluded that they had a great deal in common since both involve assisting users to find the information they need as quickly and easily as possible.

You can view the whole presentation here:

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