New look for The Nurdler cricket blog

By Onlineability,

We’ve put together a new look for our cricket blog, The Nurdler, just in time for the ICC World Twenty20 tournament that is currently underway – at least it is live while England are still in contention, which is a definite plus.

The Nurdler's new custom wordpress theme

The Nurdler's new custom wordpress theme

We had several aims with this project. Firstly, we needed to reflect The Nurdler’s growing profile with a custom look that showcased our design skills better than its existing off-the-shelf look.

We also wanted to try our hand at a particular design style and reflect the fact that The Nurdler tries to be an authentic voice for cricket fans – that’s how we came up with design features like the scoresheet and pen.

We hope it will remind you a little bit of the pleasures of watching sport on a sunny summer day. And now The Nurdler is gearing up towards England’s next Ashes campaign (seems no time since the last one, does it?) we hope to have some equally good content for you too. Subscribe to The Nurdler’s RSS feed here.

Technically speaking, this is a custom WordPress theme – and it certainly proves that you can get a long way from the horizontal header image and white background that is associated with basic WordPress design.

We are always happy to create custom themes for clients so, if you are looking to commission expertise in this area, do get in touch and have a chat with us.

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