Onlineability launches site to help garden birds

By Andy,

With winter weather becoming more severe and British garden birds increasingly under threat from development and habitat change, there has never been a better time for taking practical conservation measures.

Every little helps, and here at Onlineability we’ve been working with the RSPB and Garden Bird Supplies to launch a new site filled with practical measures that allow everyone to make a real difference to birdlife, whether their ‘garden’ is a window box on a big city tower block or rolling acres in the countryside.

Called “Food for the Birds”, and sited at, the new site represents a return to one of the concerns of his childhood for Onlineability director Andy Darley – he named the site after a short-lived society he tried to found when a schoolboy in the 1970s to encourage people to put out scraps over the winter.

He said: “That society didn’t last long – but now I’m a web designer, with access to tools far more powerful than a hand-drawn poster stuck to a telegraph pole, and it’s time to dust off ‘Food for the Birds’ and try again.”

The site will have advice and tips for people planning to put out food and a shop in association with Garden Bird Supplies. There are plans to add a bird table webcam, and discussions are in progress with the RSPB about further content.

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